6 reasons advancements in general tech won’t lead to job losses

The biggest fear about adopting technology is the idea that it will result in loss of jobs. What many people don’t look at is the many other jobs general tech will create. According to many analysts, the amounts of jobs that technology will create are way more than the number of jobs that will be lost.

Let’s take a look at the 6 reasons advancements in general tech won’t lead to job losses, at least not anytime soon.

Technology will result in the creation of new skill sets

Whereas there is no question in the fact that most if not all of the jobs done by unskilled laborers will be lost to technology, the same technology will create new employment opportunities that require new skill sets. For instance, introducing machines in a production line will require personnel to operate as well as service these machines.

Technology will be more of an enabler not a disrupter

Most people fear that automation will lead to loss of jobs but the truth is automation is more of an enabler. Whereas the job being done in a certain way will end, the job itself will not end. Employees will just need to adjust to doing jobs in a different way as they incorporate tech in their day to day tasks.

Technology will change the scope of jobs

Adoption of technology in various aspects of the work place may take over technical aspects of the job which machines will be able to do more efficiently and effectively, but the human tasks which can’t be done by machines will still remain in the purview of humans. For instance, tasks that require reason or innovation will still be done by humans and not machines.

Technology cannot replace human judgment

Whereas technology will revolutionize the workplace and make things more efficient, no tech innovation has the capability of replacing human judgment at the work place. Organizations will still need the ability to manage their interpersonal relationships, rely on decisions driven by experience as well as gut instinct, and there is no machine that can do this.

Technology will result in a skills shortage

The pace at which tech is being adopted in the workplace is resulting in a skills shortage of staff capable of managing these technologies. This therefore means there are job opportunities just waiting to be taken. This then cancels out the claim that technology will lead to job losses.

Technology cannot set organizational objectives

Technology can only enable operations in an organization but cannot lead these operations. In an organization, humans will still be needed to set organizational objectives and formulate strategies for execution. These are things technology will not be able to do at least not in the near future.

All in all, the world needs to look at technology for what it is, and that is, an enabler. This will make many employees more comfortable with technology and figure out how to use it to their advantage as opposed to fearing it and watching helplessly as it takes over their roles.


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