Artificial Intelligence – 5 reason why robots can’t replace humans

The debate about artificial intelligence and its application in robotics has raised a lot of concern that human beings will be declared redundant in the near future as robots will take over jobs that are currently performed by man. This has resulted in a lot of fear as many people especially casual laborers who are the most threatened don’t know what the future holds for their jobs.

This article is meant to ease your pressure as we look at 5 reasons why we are confident that robots can’t replace and will never replace man.

#1 A robot will never display empathy

The thing that makes us human such as our own emotions and our understanding of other people’s emotions sets us apart from machines. No amount of no ones and zeros can replicate this. In as much as business owners may dream of cutting down their operational costs by replacing humans with robots, at some point, they will end up losing customers because business is not just about service but also about personal interaction. Robots will never be able to show empathy to customers and this will negatively affect customer experience.


#2 A robot will never be able to build relationships

One of the ways to keep customers coming back is to establish trust by building and sustaining good relationships with them. This is the only way you can acquire new customers as well as retain old ones. This is an ability that is unique to humans as our social nature enables us to build and sustain relationships. Again, no amount of ones and zeros can be able to replicate this aspect of humanity.

#3 A robot will never be able to mirror humans

Artificial intelligence is based on the assumption that humans are predictable. This is however a huge misconception. Different people have worldviews that are shaped differently based on their environment. This makes humans very unpredictable because our individual responses are influenced by very many different variables. It will be impossible for a programmer to build a machine that is able to mimic all the different human personalities and behaviors. This may be open to debate but truth be told, humans are too unpredictable and too complicated.

#4 A robot can’t think outside the box

An important ability by humans is that of being able to think outside the box therefore being able to find creative ways of solving various emerging problems. Robots can’t and will never be able to do this because their programming will not allow it. Robots are essentially programmed to work within their code and in as much as there is a fantasy world where a machine can think on its own, in the real world this will not be achieved in our life time.

#5 Bottom line is humans prefer dealing with fellow humans

Ultimately, nothing beats a human smile, touch or voice. There is a good feeling people get when they interact with fellow humans that a machine will never be able to provide. In as much as automated services may be convenient, fast and efficient, humans are social creatures and they will always crave the attention of fellow humans.

This article is not meant to paint technology such as artificial intelligence or any other general tech in bad light. In fact it’s quite the opposite. We see a world where machines will just be a tool to enhance service delivery and efficiency of humans but not a replacement.


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