General Tech – The 3 main disadvantages of technology to humans

Humans have over the past couple of decades invested heavily in technological innovation such as Artificial Intelligence for various socioeconomic as well as political reasons. What many tech researchers didn’t anticipate was the negative effects it would result into, both short term and long term.

We take a look at 3 of the main disadvantages of technology.

#1 Technology has caused social disruption

Because of technology, there has been a significant level of social disruption globally. The most significant being loss of incomes because tasks that were previously done by humans can now be done by machines. Secondly, personal interaction is slowly disappearing as interaction is now taking place virtually as a result of social media platforms on the internet. Last but not least, children who don’t have access to technological gadgets such as cell phones and the internet getting disadvantaged and unable to compete fairly with kids who have been privileged to access them.

#2 The rise of dependence

Before cell phones and the internet, people could still communicate. Today however, society has become so used to these technologies that without them, life comes to a halt. Whether in an office, at school, or on a farm, once you get used to technology, you can never go back. This sort of dependence on technology is negatively affecting humans.

#3 Many skills are becoming obsolete

The advancement in technology also means that very specific skill sets are required to operate these technologies. Considering the fact that technology keeps morphing on an almost daily basis, it means we have to keep upgrading our skills in order to keep up. Tech skills in 2017 will be rendered almost obsolete in 2018 when new technologies are introduced into the market. This makes it very difficult for job seekers in the market who are unable to keep up with these rapidly changing skill requirements.

It goes without saying that in as much as technology is here for the benefit of mankind concerted efforts must be put in place to mitigate the negative effects that they bring. Tech developers should anticipate and provide solutions for the potential negative effects that their technologies may result into.

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