Useful Tools

Our technical team at CT Robots would like to ensure that you are well updated with all the latest technological trends to hit the market. This section of our website will highlight the top tech gadgets that we believe will be useful to users.

#Camera Light L 16

The camera Light L 16 is a current technology incorporated in high end mobile phone cameras which is actually the use of 16 separate camera lenses in one device. It works by using 10 of the lenses to capture a single image by capturing 10 different shots and then merging them together to produce one high-quality image. It’s even possible for you to adjust the depth of the image even after capturing it. This is possible because of the 6 additional lenses which capture the depth of field. Other cameras in the market cannot achieve similar quality.

#The 16TB Samsung SSD Hard Drive

Samsung have just launched a 16 terabyte SSD hard drive. Yes 16 TB. Sounds insane right? With many people today living on the go and relying on their mobile devices for their day to day activities it seems logical to have much larger capacity and portable SSD hard drives to enable people to have more storage space to carry around their important files as well as entertainment. This is definitely a tool that will come in handy for tech companies.